Company: Our Story

eviCore healthcare began in 1992 as MedSolutions, an owner/operator of diagnostic imaging centers. The company quickly saw an increasing need in the managed care industry for intensely focused radiology benefits management. In 1997, we sold our diagnostic imaging centers and MedSolutions set out to focus solely on managing the cost of imaging and helped pioneer the new industry of radiology benefits management. We soon established ourselves as the industry leader, helping healthcare payers control the soaring costs in radiology.

In 2014, MedSolutions merged with CareCore National, to create the industry's clear leader in comprehensive Specialty Benefits Management.

Today, CareCore | MedSolutions has become eviCore healthcare. The company is taking the clinical knowledge, proprietary technology, and forward thinking it perfected in radiology management and applied it to other areas of healthcare where there is an opportunity for significant improvement, both in quality of care and in cost savings to health plans. eviCore healthcare will continue to evolve to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry through Intelligent Cost Management, developing and introducing new services that extend beyond utilization management to capture maximum savings, reduce overall treatment costs, and ensure diagnostic accuracy.